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BoldGrid Crio includes advanced device controls to keep your site looking beautiful on all screen sizes. These controls are in a few locations in the Customizer such as Menu Designs and Advanced Header/Footer. Above the controls for Margin, Padding, Border, Box Shadow, and Border Radius are 5 device icons. From left to right they are:

  • All Devices
  • Large
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Phone

By default all devices will use the same settings. Follow the steps below to use different settings on a specific device.

  • Click a device icon
  • A popup appears with a link icon between the All Device and selected device icon
  • Click the link icon in the popup
  • The popup turns gray and the link icon changes to appear broken
  • The controls will reset, removing the settings from All Devices
  • Update the values
  • Repeat as necessary with other devices

To undo any device specific settings click the link icon in the gray popup. This will make the popup turn back to black and the settings will change to match what is set in All Devices.




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