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In web design, the container decides how much of the screen your content fills. In BoldGrid Crio, there are two main container types – Contained and Full Width. When using Crio with the Post and Page Builder, a 3rd option for Max Full Width is also available. In this article we will explain the differences between these container types.


In a Contained type of container, the content and backgrounds are restricted to the center of the page and white space will appear on either side. An example is shown below.

Contained website example

Full Width

In a Full Width container, the content and backgrounds will extend to fill the entire screen. If you are on an ultra-wide monitor, the design could become quite stretched. The screenshot below shows the same website full width.

Full Width Container Example

Max Full Width

The final option, Max Full Width, bridges the gap between Contained and Full Width containers. It allows content to extend to a defined width while backgrounds will still stretch to the sides. This option can help designs stay intact on larger screens, like shown below:

Max Full Width Container Example

Using Max Full Width Containers

To create content using Max Full Width containers, you will need Crio version 2.14 and Post and Page Builder version 1.18 or higher. Without the Post and Page Builder, Crio cannot use Max Full Width containers.

First you will need to enable the setting in the Customizer. You can find the Container setting in the Customizer in these locations:

  • Design > Pages > Container
  • Design > Blog > Blog Page > Post List Settings
  • Design > Blog > Posts > Container
  • Design > WooCommerce > Container (if installed)

Enter your desired container size in pixels or use the slider. Publish and close the Customizer.

Container Types in Crio

Next, you will need to enable the Full Width Row Background where you want to use this container type. In the editor, click in your desired section. Use the yellow row popover menu and select Advanced Control, like shown below.

Advanced Controls for Rows

In the popover choose the Width panel and enable the Full Width Row Background:

Full Width Row Background control

Repeat for each row you want to use the Max Full Width container.

Max Full Width Headers & Footers

Page Titles, Customizer Header, and Customizer Footer layouts will use the Container Max Width value when set to Full Width. These controls are found here:

  • Design > Site Content > Page Titles > Content Container
  • Design > Header Design > Site Header Layout > Select Layout > Custom
  • Design > Header Design > Sticky Header Layout > Select Layout > Custom
  • Design > Footer > Layout

Custom Page Headers and Footers can take advantage of this feature as well, giving you more design freedom than ever before!




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2 thoughts on “Working with Container Types

  1. I do not see the container size setting in the Customizer.

    I have Crio Premium 1.91. Is Crio Pro required for this to work? If so, please amend this article.

    Also, FWIU, you chose Container in Customizer > Design, then select your Max Width setting. Is that the case? If so, would you explicitly say that just before the illustration on how to set Container Max Width.

    Thanks much.

    • Hi Raymond!

      The Max Full Width setting can be utilized in the free version of Crio it looks like there’s just one last step to your navigation after selecting the Design option select Pages > Container and you’ll be able to set your container width.

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