Working with Header and Footer Widgets in BoldGrid Crio | BoldGrid

Widgets allow you to add additional content to your header and footer and require no coding experience. First you need to set up the Widget Areas where the widgets will appear, which are enabled from the Customizer.

Adding Widgets to the Header and Footer

First add a widget area to your Header or Footer design.

  • In the Dashboard navigate to CustomizerDesignLayoutHeader or Footer
  • Choose the widget area where you want to edit sidebar
  • The controls for the widget area are used to add a title, change colors, and add new widgets by clicking the button at the bottom of the controls
  • Click the Publish button to save your changes

Congratulations, you now know how to work with widgets and widget areas using BoldGrid Crio! You can also add Widgets to your Blog Page or Blog Posts too.


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