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Installing WordPress with BoldGrid is fast and easy with the BoldGrid cPanel integration. Follow these steps to install WordPress with BoldGrid using the cPanel Plugin.

  1. Log into cPanel using your web host’s instructions.
  2. Locate the Software section, and click on BoldGrid.
  3. Click on Create Website.
  4. Choose the protocol. https:// is preferred and means your website is protected by an SSL Certificate. Some WordPress hosts include free SSL. If you haven’t purchased a certificate, touch base with your host to find out if they include one for free.
  5. If you want to include the www subdomain, choose it from the protocol menu.
  6. Choose your Site Name. This will be the main title of your website.
  7. Choose your Admin Email. This will be used for important communications from your website, as well as password resets.
    It is highly recommended to choose an email address that is not associated with the same domain as your website, so you can still receive communications if anything happens to your server.
  8. Choose your Admin Username and Admin Pass. Save these to your password management software so that you can log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  9. Click Create.




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