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After you have installed your first BoldGrid inspiration using our WordPress website builder, now it’s time to customize your website to make it your own. We’ll walk you through the steps to customizing your website.

Defining the Scope of your BoldGrid Site

Your first step to evaluating your BoldGrid and WordPress Website is deciding on your scope. This is where you decide what purpose and functionality your website should have. Is your website going to have specific pages? Are you going to provide information about your business or will you be providing a type of service through your website? For most basic websites a home page, about us page, and a contact form are standard. Keep in mind, BoldGrid allows you to change things whenever you would like.

Evaluating your BoldGrid Website

Decide What needs to Change

Since you’ve already defined the scope of your website, the next step is to examine what the Inspiration you choose has provided. This is a good time to visit your website. You’ll need to make obvious changes like the site title and footer information. Take some time to explore all the different pages you have on the site now. Make note of the ones you may want to remove. Also, take notice of the content on each page you may need to change. You can swap out the images as well so think about what images you would like to keep or remove.

Begin Editing your Site’s Content

Keep in mind, you can add or remove pages as needed. It is recommended you continue evaluating your WordPress Website throughout its life. For example, looking at our sample site you may decide not to use the default About Us page because the Services page layout fits better. In this case, you can remove the page.

You will also want to be sure to change the written content on your pages to make it your own. Google rewards websites with unique content and penalizes sites that have content copied from another source in their search results. Making your content stand out as much as possible will help your site show up higher in the search engine rankings (SERPs).




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