How to get Support for BoldGrid

When using BoldGrid, and you run into an issue that you do not know how to solve, having a channel that can be used get Support is extremely valuable. The goal of this article is to provide you with information about those different channels offered to you as an end user, and give you direction in routing your support requests to them.

Using the Support Forums

Get help directly from our team of developers and support staff on

Using an Official Partner Host

Currently, the best way to get support for BoldGrid plugins and themes would be using an Official Partner Host. If you are currently using an Official Hosting Partner, their technical support team will have training in both using and troubleshooting any BoldGrid and WordPress issues you may run across. In some cases, we recommend users to contact their host for issues that are outside of BoldGrid itself, and we can understand how this clarification can be confusing for users. Having a host that is familiar with WordPress and BoldGrid will expedite the resolution of any issue you may be facing.

Ask a Question

You can use our Ask A Question forum to pose any question you may have to our Customer Facing Support team. We will do our best to answer as soon as possible, and provide you with the most accurate information we have.

Using the Dashboard Widget

We have included a bug report and feedback widget within your BoldGrid Dashboard. If you use that widget to select Bug Report, it will populate the form with data to assist us in investigating the problem you are experiencing. This information includes PHP information, Themes and Plugins you are using, as well as BoldGrid configuration data. Having this additional information when troubleshooting issues is helpful, and if you wish to submit an issue to us directly, using the bug report option is recommended. The following step by step guide will explain the process for submitting a bug report to us directly from within your BoldGrid Dashboard.

    1. Login to your BoldGrid Site
    2. On your Dashboard Home Page, scroll down to view the Dashboard Widget labeled BoldGrid Feedback
    3. Using the pull down menu, select Bug Report to populate a Diagnostic Report of your website
    4. Try to provide as much information as possible pertaining to your issue in the comment section
    5. If you wish to receive a response from us, select the check box labeled Please Contact me about my feedback
    6. Select Submit to send the Bug Report

Using our Feedback Form

You can use our websites header to locate the Feedback Form, which can be used to provide us feedback about our tool, as well as submit bug reports and issues you may be having. This tool can also be used to submit feature requests that you would like to be implemented as well. Be sure if you are having an issue that is in the dashboard that you include screenshots if available, and do your best to be as detailed as possible about what is occurring for you. In most cases we can provide the information you are looking for, and can also help you resolve any issue you may be facing.

Congratulations! You now know of multiple channels you can use to get Support for your BoldGrid Website.




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