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Every website needs images— but not every website owner is a master photographer. That’s why we created BoldGrid Connect Search. It gives you access to millions of free and affordable paid images directly through your WordPress Media Library.

There are two primary places to access BoldGrid Connect Search— from the Dashboard’s Media Menu or from the Add Media button in the Editor. To access it from the Dashboard, follow these steps.

  • Log into the WordPress Dashboard
  • Click on Media menu item
  • Navigate to the BoldGrid Connect Search tab

Searching for Free and Paid Stock Images

There are two types of images that you can find using BoldGrid Connect Search— Free Creative Commons Attribution images and Licensed images that you can purchase using BoldGrid Connect Coins.

  • To see both types of images, leave Attribution checked under License Filter
  • To only see licensed, or paid images, un-check the Attribution option
  • Enter a search term for the image you’re looking for, in the following example, we’ve searched for a Kitten.

Searching for Stock Images

  • Free images are denoted with a Globe icon beneath then, licensed images are denoted with a BoldGrid logo.
  • Choose the image that fits your needs, and then choose the appropriate size.


  • Size Previews are shown as a blue square overlay to assist you in choosing the correct resolution.
  • Larger images will have higher resolution quality, but keep in mind that you should use the smallest image to fit your needs, optimizing page load speeds.
  • Click Download. The image is now available in your Media Library.
  • If the image you chose was a Licensed Image, it will be displayed with a watermark until you purchase it with BoldGrid Connect Coins.

What’s Next?

Congratulations! You now know how to search for the perfect image using BoldGrid Connect Search.




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