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In short, BoldGrid themes use a responsive framework based on the Bootstrap Grid System. A BoldGrid Inspiration consists of Blocks, Modules, and Themes.  These three elements are called the BoldGrid Layers, which make up our WordPress website builder.  These layers work together in displaying content for a BoldGrid created site and provide definitions of how the site should be displayed for different display sizes.  This ability to handle how content changes as the screen size changes is what makes BoldGrid themes for WordPress responsive.

The Bootstrap Grid System in BoldGrid Themes

While the Bootstrap Grid System can use up to 12 columns, the BoldGrid system defines only three main sizes:  xs, sm, and md. To understand this, imagine a block of content that includes 3 columns.  These columns are defined for the page layout with specific behavior changes depending on the size of the display.  So, as you begin to shrink the screen from its maximum size that is displaying 3 columns, you will eventually reach a point where only 2 columns are supported.  The content is automatically shifted into to the columns, menus are adjusted as needed, page titles are resized, etc.  This is done for 3 specific sizes within a BoldGrid theme.  Typically, these sizes represent a computer monitor (the largest size), a tablet (the medium size), and a smartphone (the smallest size).  The grid system is a pre-defined map of where content will flow or transform as the screen size changes.

You now have an understanding of how a BoldGrid WordPress Theme is responsive.  Responsive design of websites allows for a single set of code that can handle multiple display requirements.  This saves time and money when you develop your WordPress site. For more specific information about the grid system and other content standards used by BoldGrid, please reference the BoldGrid Theme Requirements.




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  1. Hello !
    I have an issue I need help with. I’m using the Cobalt Theme for my website on WordPress and unfortunately it’s not responsive for mobile devices. On desktop it looks normal but on tablet and especially on smartphone the website is displayed incorrectly. Could you tell me how to fix it ?

    Thank you in advance !

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