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Installing an Inspiration gives you the option to automatically create a Blog page as part of the setup process, and it does so by creating the Blog category for your Posts as well as configuring a menu item that links directly to that category archive page to display all posts assigned to it.

Using this configuration to display all of your posts will show the page title as ‘Category: Blog’ and if you want to remove that title then you will need to reconfigure how your Blog page is handled.  Fortunately WordPress core controls make this easy and you can change your blog configuration to follow the WordPress standard in just a few simple steps.

The first step is to create a new Page that will be assigned as the new Blog page.  In your website’s Dashboard navigate to Pages > Add New and create a blank page with the title ‘Blog’.

Once your new Blog page is created you will need to tell your website to use it to display all of your Blog Posts. You can find this setting by going to Settings > Reading (or Settings > Blog if the Inspirations Menu System is active) in your website’s Dashboard.  Below the field used to set your Front Page you will see an option to designate a Blog page for your website and all you need to do is select ‘Blog’ from the dropdown and save your changes.

Now that your Blog page is properly configured you will need to update your navigation to direct visitors to the new location.  In your Dashboard select Customize > Menus to open up the menu controls.

Remove the original ‘Blog’ menu item and add the newly created page to your menu.




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