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Changing Themes in BoldGrid

Changing Themes in BoldGrid is quick and painless. When you change the theme in your BoldGrid website, all your previous content remains. In the following guide, we’ll show you the steps required when changing your BoldGrid theme.

  • In the Dashboard, navigate to Customize → Change Themes
  • Click Add New
  • Search for, and install the Theme you wish to try; You can also use the Filters, such as Popular, Latest or the Feature Filter that allows you to view themes categorized by colors or features included
  • Select Install to add the new theme to your WordPress installation
  • Hover over the newly installed theme, and Click Activate

Congratulations, you have now swapped out the theme on your BoldGrid website!  Now you can go out and apply these steps whenever you need to browse other themes, or change between BoldGrid Themes. Feel free to bookmark this page for future reference.


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