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What is BoldGrid Inspirations?

BoldGrid Inspirations is a WordPress plugin that is the first step to creating or rebuilding your website. It combines BoldGrid’s beautiful, responsive themes together with professionally designed page layouts and industry-specific starter content to get you on the fastest path to success.


What’s the difference between a WordPress Theme and an Inspiration?

WordPress uses Themes to control how your content is displayed on your website. Your theme controls the colors, backgrounds, and overall layout of your website.

The WordPress Default Twenty Nineteen Theme and the WordPress Default Starter Content
The WordPress Default Twenty Nineteen Theme and the WordPress Default Starter Content


Normally, when you install a new Theme in WordPress, you’ll see something similar to the image shown here— a simple layout with the default WordPress content. It’s a blank canvas waiting for you to paint your masterpiece.


A BoldGrid Inspiration contains a WordPress Theme at its core, but it gives you much more than a blank canvas— it’s more like a “Paint-By-Numbers” that you get to use as a template for your masterpiece!

What comes with an Inspiration?

When you create an Inspiration, you’ll choose a category that describes the purpose of your website. Categories include specific industries, like “Restaurant” and “Real Estate,” and also more general ones like “Consulting” and “Photography.”


When choosing your category, choose one that’s closest to what your website will actually be about. For example, if you’re an artist, you might choose Photography or Design. If you’re going to be running an e-commerce store, you might choose Marketing or Fashion.


After you choose a category, you’ll see a variety of themes with starter content matching that industry. The starter content will have page layouts, stock photography, and professionally-written copy text that will inspire you to customize it with your own images and content.

How do I work with starter content?

After you choose your category and select a theme, you’ll be brought to the content step. From here, you can choose to install a basic 3-page starter, 5 pages, or the “Kitchen Sink” which comes with 8-16 different professionally-designed pages!


Each page will have a different layout that you can customize and modify to suit the needs of your website. If this is your first time, consider choosing the “Kitchen Sink” and check out all your options. You can always start over if you want to try out a different theme, or even use Cloud WordPress to try different options before selecting your final design.

The “Kitchen Sink” starter pages

What’s next?

Congratulations! You now know what BoldGrid Inspirations is, and what it can do to get you on the fast and easy path to create your new website! Here are the next steps:





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