Advanced Control in the Post and Page Builder | BoldGrid

The Post and Page Builder includes Advanced Controls to further customize your content. To see these options click on Advanced from a popover or Customize Design from a popup. Not all options are available for every element.

  • Element Design
    • Background – Overlay Color, Vertical Position, Size, Scroll Effects
    • Button – Color, Size, Shape, Raised, Text Shadow, Width, Effect, Text Style
  • Padding and Margin – Use the sliders to change the settings
  • Color and Background Color – Both of these options open a Color Picker dialog box
    • Theme Colors are available for consistency
    • Use the box at the bottom to select a new color
    • Click the red + under My Colors to save
    • To delete from My Colors click the desired color and then the red Remove text at the bottom right of the panel
  • Font Size – Use the sliders to change the size
  • Rotate – Rotate the element 90, 180, or 270 degrees
  • Border
    • Select a Border Type option
    • Use the sliders to control the widths of the border sides
    • Select a border color using the palette
  • Border Radius – Use the sliders to adjust the roundness of the four corners
  • Box Shadow
    • Use the sliders to control Horizontal Position, Vertical Position, Blur Radius, and Spread Radius
    • Use the toggle Outset/Inset to choose if the shadow is internal or external
    • Use the color picker to select the shadow color
  • Animation – Select the Type, Duration, and Delay
  • Width – Adjust the Width of the element on the page
  • Block Alignment – Adjust the Horizontal Alignment of the element on the page
  • Responsive Utilities – Hides the element on one or many devices
  • Custom CSS – Enter Custom Classes or a CSS ID for the element




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