How to Save & Reuse Custom BoldGrid Blocks | BoldGrid

When you would like to add a BoldGrid Block to a page, BoldGrid gives you many Custom Blocks to choose from. If you have a favorite Block, you can use it as many times as you need. In this article, we’ll show you how to save and reuse Blocks in the Block library.

Save and Reuse BoldGrid Blocks from the Block Library

Below, we will show you how to enter the Add Block feature, select a favorite, add it to your library, and finally the add the Block to a page.

  1. Log into your BoldGrid admin area.
  2. Under Pages choose Add Blank.Add Blank
  3. Enter a title for the new page.Enter a Title
  4. Click the Add Block button.Add Block
  5. When the split screen appears, scroll through the Blocks on the right side and use the “♥” icon to add a Block to your library.Heart Button
  6. Confirm the title you want to save this block as and then click Save.Click Save
  7. From the dropdown at the top right, select Block library.Block Library
  8. Drag the selected Block to the left side of the screen to insert into your page or click + Add to Page.Add to Page

You have now added a Block to your library and added it to a page. Now you know how to save and reuse Blocks




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