Working with Rows | BoldGrid

Inside each section is one or more rows, the next level of containers. Rows are designated by a Yellow Popover.

The Directional Arrow allow you to drag and drop the row to a new location in the current section or to a new section. The Hamburger Menu opens the options discussed below.

  • Clone creates a duplicate of the row
  • Delete removes the row and the content
  • Clear Contents removes the content but not the row
  • Insert Block brings up the Add Block screen
  • Add Column adds a new column to the right side of the row
  • Add Empty Row adds a new row above the current one
  • Change Background opens the Background Popup
  • Advanced Control opens the Advanced Popup
  • Drag as Content allows you to drag and drop the row inside a column and make a nested row
    • At this time you cannot put a nested row inside a nested row




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