Working with Sliders | BoldGrid

With the Post and Page Builder Premium Extension you will have access to built-in, native sliders that render in real time from within the Editor. There are two types of sliders, Section Sliders and Content Sliders. Each slide on a Section Slider can have a unique background and section elements. With a Content Slider the background stays the same while elements like text, images, buttons, and more change on top. They have the same options as shown below.

Adding a Slider

  • Place the cursor in your content where you wish to place the icon
  • Click the + in the drop tab
  • Select the type of slider you want to use

Slider Controls

  • Slide Actions allow you to move thru the slides in the Editor, make or delete a slide, and rearrange the order
  • Autoplay has the slider rotating by itself when the page loads and the duration is time between slides
  • Loop repeats slides after reaching the end
  • Navigation Buttons provide several positions to choose from. The overlay puts the navigation on top or next to slider. You can also set the size, style, and color of the icon
  • Navigation Dots have two positions to choose from, the dots can be overlay or not, and the size/color can be set.

Congratulations! You now know how to work with Sliders from the BoldGrid Post and Page Builder Premium extension.




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