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What are third party responses?

Third party responses are content and data that are downloaded from third party resources and web pages. Any link to content that is not hosted on the same domain as the website itself is considered third party content. The most common kinds of third party content includes but is not limited to data served from content-delivery networks such as fonts, images, stylesheets, and JavaScript; content linked from social networks; and embedded videos and audio files.

How can third party responses be a problem?

There are a few ways in which third party responses can be a problem for a website. Third party responses are outside of the website’s direct control. The service that provides the third party content could experience downtime or not load properly. In addition, if third party content is not served using HTTPS, the website that links to the third party content either cannot use HTTPS or the third party content will be blocked by browsers. Third party content that does not load properly or is blocked by browsers can cause the web page to not load properly.




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