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Modern websites often have dynamic content-rich web pages that can sometimes be difficult for visitors’ web browsers to quickly process and display. 

Complex web pages can require significant amounts of CPU processing time before the web browser can properly show the website to visitors. There are several areas of a website that can cause a web browser to work too hard. Please note that resolving issues with using too much CPU time can often require advanced website development expertise.

First, JavaScript code that makes frequent or significant changes to the web page’s layout or structure can cause the web browser to completely reprocess the web page’s content. JavaScript is commonly used to make web pages dynamic and interactive; however, the web browser still has to process and respond to actions the JavaScript files take.

Second, Cascading Style Sheets that use complex selectors with pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements, and combinators make the web browser carry out expensive search operations to find all of the HTML page elements that match the complex selector. In some instances, these complex selectors can be rewritten using simple CSS classes.

Third, poorly written JavaScript code can cause the web browser to spend excessive time waiting on the CPU to process data. JavaScript code that requires lengthy calculations or that are not coded to handle input or events well can cause the web browser to need significantly more CPU processing time than simpler or better coded scripts.

WordPress websites generally do not have problems with requiring web browsers to need excessive CPU processing time; however, larger, more complex, and custom-developed WordPress websites may encounter this problem. Generally, websites that require too much CPU processing time may require advanced website development expertise to correct.




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