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Modern websites and browsers use JavaScript, which is a web programming language much like HTML and CSS, to make websites interactive and dynamic. Modern websites, like those built with WordPress, may not load entirely until they have downloaded all of the JavaScript files used in the current web page. If the web page’s JavaScript files are very large, they will take longer for the web browser to download and decompress. While the web browser does this work in the background, the web page the visitor is trying to see will not be loaded completely or possibly not at all.

How do I improve my website?

Decreasing the amount of unnecessary JavaScript in use can help make web pages show content in visitors’ web browsers more quickly. You can also remove any unnecessary plugins, or use less dynamic content to help decrease the amount of JavaScript each web page requires.Minifying and compressing JavaScript files can also make the files faster for web browsers to download. The WordPress Community offers many plugins, like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache, that can minify and compress your JavaScript files for you automatically, making this optimization easier than other performance enhancements.




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