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One of the best features of BoldGrid is the countless ways to customize your website. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the Colors Tab to change your color scheme of the theme you chose during the Inspirations.

  1. Log into the BoldGrid Dashboard
  2. Customize link from WordPress admin Select the Customize option from the left-hand menu pane
  3. Customizer Colors menu option highlightedClick on the Colors tab
  4. Now you can customize the colors of your site. You can view the changes in real-time using the preview window in the right side panel. Here are a few examples of what you can modify:Color Palette Section Active Palette highlighted 
    Under the Color Palette section you will see your site colors. Click & drag these to change the color location.

    Color Selector highlightedSelect the color you want to change and click the new color from the Palette.

    Suggested Color Palettes highlightedYou can also choose a new color palette from the Suggested Palettes options.

  5. Save and Publish button highlightedClick Save & Publish to save your changes

Congratulations! You’ve now just learned how to change the colors on your BoldGrid site.




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