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Menus are a very important part of website navigation, espeically when using WordPress. Sometimes you may want to create a submenu to one or more menu items. In some of these cases, the top link acts more as a category name and will not need to link to a page of its own. This article demonstrates how to create a top level menu item, and how to disable that top menu item link in WordPress. This feature is available in all of our WordPress themes found in our WordPress website builder product.

Disabling the Link Attribute to a Top Level Menu Item.

  1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Customize link from the left hand menu.
  1. Customizer Menus option highlightedClick on the Menus option.
  2. Customizer Menus primary menu selection highlightedSelect the menu you want to work with.
  3. Primary menu Add Item button highlightedClick on the Add Items button.
  4. Add Item Custom Link fields highlightedClick on the Custom Link option. Name it (Link Text) and give it a URL.
  5. Custom Links Add to Menu button highlightedNext, click on Add to Menu.
  6. Drag n Drop Sub-Menu Clients Page menu item indented below Top Menu Custom Link menu itemNow, drag the items you want in the sub menu under the new custom link item. Sub-menu items are indented to easily identify the menu structure.
  7. Custom Link edit menu item arrow highlightedClick on the Custom Link edit arrow.
  8. Top Menu Custom Link blank URL field highlightedRemove the URL from the URL field.
  9. Save and Publish button highlightedClick the Save & Publish button.

Now, when visiting your WordPress website, the Top Menu menu item will reveal the sub-menu and not function as a link by itself. This is helpful if you want to minimize the number of pages you want to manage, and focus on your sales or information pages more.

Primary Menu BeforePrimary Menu After highlighted


Congratulations! You now know how to create a top link menu item, and disable it so that it only works as a dropdown for your menu. This particular article explains how to make this change using our WordPress Website builder, BoldGrid Inspirations and our version 1 WordPress Themes. If you would like to have a few more options for your WordPress website, feel free to check out our new SuperTheme Crio – A WordPress theme for business.




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3 thoughts on “How to Disable a Top Menu Item Link

  1. Thanks for a super solution to a problem I’ve been struggling with.
    It works like a dream in WP 5.5 Astra theme and means I have been able to delete the empty About and Legal pages I created to enable menu to be built, that did seem a bit of a cludge to me.
    I am very new to blogging and to WordPress and you helped me a lot here.

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