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WooCommerce provides a powerful e-commerce toolkit that works within WordPress. The ease of use and quick installation (working as a plugin within WordPress) make it a popular choice for online retailers of all sizes whether you are a professional or not. In this series of articles we will walk you through how to install WooCommerce and get started with a store in your BoldGrid site.

  1. Plugins and Add NewUnder Plugins click Add New
  2. Search for WooCommerceSearch for “WooCommerce” in the Search plugins… field
  3. Click installFind WooCommerce in the search results and click Install Now
  4. Activate pluginClick Activate

Here you will be prompted to run through the WooCommerce “Setup Wizard”. You can skip this process and set up your store manually, but for beginner users it is recommended to go through this setup wizard now.

  1. Setup wizard startClick Let’s Go! to begin the setup process
  2. Click ContinueClick Continue at the Page setup page to create the default Shop, Cart, Checkout, and My Account pages
  3. Fill in location informationFill in location information for your store on the Store location setup page and click Continue
  4. Shipping pageOn the Shipping page, it is recommended to enable WooCommerce shipping, the checkbox will already be checked, click Continue
  5. Payments sectionUnder the Payments section you can determine acceptable payment methods

After the Payments section of the setup wizard, your store is ready. Now it’s time to Create your first product.


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