Building Your BoldGrid Site | BoldGrid


The Inspirations phase is the first in creating your new BoldGrid site. You will first learn to select a category based on your site topic. From there you will select your site’s theme. Next, you will select a starting page set from which you can expand upon later. And if you discover you would like to start fresh, we show you how to do that as well.

After completing the Inspirations phase, you will then move to the Customizing phase. Using the Customizer tool you will modify your theme to fit your needs. Here you can change visual elements such as background images, colors and fonts. You will also be able to manage your site’s menu content and location as well as links to your social media accounts.


Posts & pages make up the bulk of your site content. This category will show you how to use the WordPress Post and Page Builder to modify the stock pages added in the Inspiration phase to make them your own. After that, you will learn to create new pages as well as remove any you do not want.

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Forms help your visitors contact you directly. You can create customized forms with the various form plugins. This category will teach you how to use these plugins to make the most of your site. You will learn the different settings used to customize your forms. You will be able to select pre-built forms or construct your own. You can even create custom actions for your forms.

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Media gives life to a website. This category will teach you how to use BoldGrid to add different media to your site. You can add images, embed videos, create image galleries, and even add downloadable PDF files to your site to engage your visitors. We also touch on using and adding Google Maps and Event Calendars to your website.

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