When you are working on your WordPress site, you will need to edit the Contact page. This page is filled with stock information that can be easily replaced with the contact information that you want to provide on your site.  

Opening the Page for Editing

  1. Click on the Pages option from the left-hand menu.
  2. From the Pages screen, locate the Contact Us page and click the Edit link just below it.

Editing the Contact Us Page

To make changes to your WordPress contact page you will be editing elements on a Gridblock. Start by highlighting and removing the email address from the Email field and adding the email address you wish to use. To do this, click on the ‘X’ button to remove the link, then delete the text for each email address.

Once removed you can type in your email address.

2580-1a-remove-email   2580-1b-add-new-email

Next, highlight and remove the phone number and address information.  Replace it with the information you intend to display.


2580-2a-remove-data   2580-2b-new-data

Once all the data has been changed, hit the Update button from the right-hand panel and your new Contact Us page will be saved. You can now view the new changes on the site.



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