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One of the options that you have in any WordPress page or post is the ability to add images. This is typically done through the Media Library portion of WordPress. Using the BoldGrid Image Gallery plugin you also get the option to search through stock image library. When an image is selected, there are several sizes of that image that can be specified. The resulting images also have different licensing requirements depending on the publisher. Follow the steps below to learn about using the search option called BoldGrid Connect Search to find images for your BoldGrid site.


  1. Login to the BoldGrid Administrator
  2. Click on Media. The Media Library page will be shown. This includes any image included with a theme you may have selected and images that you have uploaded.
  3. Click on the tab labeled BoldGrid Connect Search.
  4. In the top right-hand corner of the BoldGrid Connect Search page, you will see a field labeled Search. Click into the blank field and type in a description of the image you’re searching for. For example, if you type in “bike” in the search field, it will bring up all of the images that it can find meeting your term.
  5. Click on the drop-down image in order to select the image size that you wish to use. As you select the different sizes you will see a representation of the image size appear on the page. Note that the image may be subject to copyright requirements. For more information, please see Understanding BoldGrid Image Attribution. You can also learn more about the attribution requirements by simply clicking the provided links.

    Note that as you click on each image you will see two symbols that indicate if the image is coming from the internet or from a stock image library. Typically, images coming from the stock image library will require purchase using Connect Coins. For more information, please see How To Use BoldGrid Connect Coins.

  6. Once you are satisfied with the image you wish to use, click on the Download button. The image will then be added to your Media Library.

When you have completed adding the image to your media library, you can then add it to your page or post content.


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