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Now that BoldGrid is installed on your account, you can get started installing your first BoldGrid Inspiration! This is the first step in your journey of building the custom website you want. Think of an Inspiration as a template with sample content based on the specific choices you make. You will choose the category your website best represents and determine which pages you would like your website to have. And it doesn’t end after installing your first BoldGrid Inspiration.  BoldGrid comes stocked with many industry standard themes.   You can load more themes until you find the one that meets your needs. BoldGrid comes with pre-written placeholder content that you can customize to your needs.

Getting Started with an Inspiration

  1. Log into your BoldGrid Dashboard

  2. When you first login as an administrator, you will see the welcome screen with initial steps.  The first step will be to install an Inspiration.  You can click on the link in that first step, or click on Inspirations at left.


  3. After you select Get Started or if you click on Inspirations, then you will see the Inspiration selection screen as per the screenshot below. Select an Inspiration to install. You can also preview each Inspiration by clicking on it. While you are previewing you can then either click on Select or close it and select a different theme. You can select a theme by hovering over it and clicking on the Select button as per the screenshot below.


  4. When you select an Inspiration to install you will see the tab highlight the Content section and then give you a Pageset, Add Functionality, and Coin Budget selections. You can also select how to view the Inspiration using the icons at the top of the Inspiration.  Pagesets determine the number of pre-built pages added to the website. Under the Pageset section, you can select to add a blog page using the Add Functionality option.  The coin budget determines the number of images used in the pre-built site.  The images are stock images that can be replaced, or you can pay for them using your BoldGrid coins . After you have selected each of the items for your Inspiration, click on Next in the top right corner. Note: If your screen is small or collapsed, then you may see a  gear symbol and the label Change Content for the PageSets section.
  5. The next screen that you will see be the Contact tab. This information can be optionally completed and used to populate the contact information and social media in your BoldGrid website.  You may choose to edit this information later. Click Next to proceed.

  6. After you have completed your Contact information, the next step is to choose to install your website as the Active or Staging site.  The Active site is the site that people will see when typing in your domain name in their internet browser.  The Staging site is used for development of another site without being visible to everyone.

  7. Finally, you will need to determine if you are installing the site as your active website, or as a Staging site.  If you are happy with your selection, click Install this Website! 

Congratulations, You have installed your first BoldGrid Inspiration!


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