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Getting Started With BoldGrid

25% of all websites on the Internet are currently built with WordPress. BoldGrid, the Fast|Easy way to WordPress, is a website builder that allows you to launch a fully functional website with content in a matter of minutes. Using WordPress for its power and functionality, coupled with BoldGrid’s ease-of-use, building a website has never been easier.

The articles in this category help to explain the basic concepts of BoldGrid and how they work together with WordPress. You will explore unique features of BoldGrid such as Active and Staging sites and BoldGrid Coins. Lastly, you will learn how to log into your WordPress website powered by BoldGrid.

The Basics

BoldGrid is a WordPress website builder that you install on your website as a plugin. Simply download a single plugin or the entire suite and upload through your WordPress dashboard with confidence in complete compatibility. Once installed, BoldGrid seamlessly extends the usability of WordPress from CMS to website builder by simplifying the workflow through automations and drag and drop functionality. Start working faster and easily build a professional looking site without using shortcodes. Download BoldGrid now.

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Each BoldGrid account comes with a unique “Connect Key” which is entered during installation by simply providing your first and last name, as well a valid email where it can be retrieved. After you submit the Connect Key, the BoldGrid plugin will be activated and you can begin creating or editing your WordPress website. “Connect Coins” are used to purchase images with a watermark in BoldGrid Inspirations. These Connect Coins are available for purchase through BoldGrid Central if your host is not a supporting web host. We offer the Premium Connect Key and a free one, click here to compare these options.

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When you begin to install a BoldGrid Inspiration or edit a page with the BoldGrid plugin activated, you are given the option to either make changes on the main “live” site or on a separate site in a staging environment. A “live” site is considered the active site, while the “staging site” is a duplicate of your active site where you can preview changes before publicly displaying them. Get creative without fear of interrupting your audience’s experience, and easily switch out the page or full site whenever you are ready to go live with new content. Get the BoldGrid Staging Plugin now.

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