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When installing and activating the BoldGrid plugin, you will be prompted to enter a special “connect key” linked with your installation. We will show you how to get your free key sent to your email so you can complete the BoldGrid installation and start designing a great site.

For this tutorial, you will just need a valid email address and a copy of the BoldGrid plugin already installed.

Getting a Key

  1. When logged into your BoldGrid dashboard you should see a field to enter your key. Click the Don’t have a Connect Key yet or lost your Key? link.

  2.  Then you should see the “Request a BoldGrid Connect Key” page. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, and E-mail address in the available fields.

  3. Click the Submit button.

    You will see a message stating “An e-mail has been sent to containing your key.
  4. Check the email address you entered in Step 2 above. You should receive an email from BoldGrid with the subject “BoldGrid Connect Key“. Open it to view your BoldGrid key.

  5. Click the “Have a Connect Key to enter?” link to complete your BoldGrid installation.

Thanks for following along! In this tutorial, we showed you how to take a new BoldGrid installation, obtain a “connect key”,  and use your unique code to activate the plugin. You are ready to start using BoldGrid to create your site!


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