4 Reasons To Use A Staging Plugin | BoldGrid

You should only install plugins and themes you need as a best security practice. Every plugin potentially creates another vulnerability. With that said, you may wonder if a staging plugin should be part of your web design process. Below are five reasons to use a staging plugin when you create a website.

Doubles as Under Construction Page

Some websites may be best started with a single page with only important info. This is another way to use BoldGrid Staging.

Test New Features or Ideas

If you prefer not to try our Cloud WordPress for testing new features online before modifying your website, you can implement new code and plugins to enhance BoldGrid on the staging site before making changes live. In cases where a change would drastically affect an user’s experience, this would be better than “cowboy coding” – testing changes on a live website.

Push Multiple Changes at Once

You can convert multiple pages from staging to active at once which is helpful for websites with high traffic. This is helpful for for updating multiple pages or posts at once.

Backup Includes Active Site and Last Working Staged Site

Maintaining up-to-date backups is an important best backup practice. With a staging plugin, your website backup includes the last working website and testing site. That’s less work to do if you need to restore a backup.


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