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BoldGrid provides a convenient way to see how the website would be seen on a Tablet or Phone. The option to view with these modes are found in previewing Inspirations or within Editing a Page or Post. The following tutorial shows you how to use them within the editor for a Page or Post. This will allow you to see what your site will look like on different devices.

How to use the Desktop, Tablet, and Phone Views in the Editor

  1. Log into your website admin interface.
  2. Click on either Pages or Blog Posts
  3. When you edit or add a new page/post you will see the option to view the content with the Tablet or Phone. By default, the view is set to a desktop view. Click in the tool bar to change the view.Views

    Below are examples of the different views:

    Desktop View

    Desktop view


    Tablet View

    Tablet view


    Phone View

    Phone view


Congratulations, now you know how to use the Desktop, Tablet, and Phone Views in the BoldGrid Editor for WordPress! You are ready to design your multi-platform site. Remember that while designing your site for various devices, make sure to test your site live in the device your visitors may use most often.


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