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BoldGrid is a suite of WordPress plugins that work together to give you the ability create and manage a great looking WordPress website with minimal time and effort. Like the WordPress application itself, the BoldGrid plugin options are flexible. You have many customization options that allow you to create a complex site. Or, you may simply choose to create a quick informational website. Both the simple and complex designs provided with BoldGrid use responsive design that allows your site to be easily seen on different device screens. And you have the same great administrative options that are a part of all WordPress installations. The following article gives you a general breakdown of the components that makeup BoldGrid and its capabilities.

What plugins are part of the BoldGrid System?

BoldGrid Inspirations – BoldGrid Inspirations are WordPress themes that come with the BoldGrid installation. Each Inspiration is a┬ácomplete website that come

BoldGrid Page and Post Builder – This component is the heart and soul of the BoldGrid ecosystem. It provides the interface for creating content through posts and pages. You can use existing Blocks to quickly publish content that will work with your theme. Or, you can create original blocks of your own creation and then use them for your WordPress site.

BoldGrid Staging – One of the great features of BoldGrid is the option to use Staging. This feature allows you to have an active site and a site in development within your WordPress installation. Staging allows you to develop a WordPress site while displaying another. It’s one of the best solutions to being able to provide a quick change to the look of your site.

BoldGrid Gallery – This plugin provides the interface for handling the media library and also provides the BoldGrid Connect options which gives you access to a stock library of images.

BoldGrid Easy SEO – Provides Search Engine Optimization(SEO) options at the bottom of each page or post that you create. It allows you to create the related meta-data within the provided interface and keeps your entries within the optimized range for SEO.

BoldGrid WPForms – The Forms plugin is used to support pre-made forms that come with each theme. The plugin also provides the option to create your own form.

BoldGrid Backup – The BoldGrid Backup application is a full-featured backup program that allows you to backup and restore your BoldGrid website.

Putting it all together


Using BoldGrid starts with installing WordPress. Once you have WordPress installed, you can load up the BoldGrid plugin, select the theme you wish to use and then begin customizing to meet your website needs. When the site looks the way you want it, you can then begin adding new content. If you don’t want people seeing your incomplete site, simply load a Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress and then only you or a trusted few will be able to see your site until you’re ready.

Once you have all of your pages and posts in order, review the site, make sure that all of the forms work the way you want them to, check your links and then you can publish the site. If you’re working on the Active site, then it simply means turning off the Maintenance Mode plugin if you loaded and activated one. If you were using the Staging feature, then you would need to deploy the Staging site so that it is active.

Managing your WordPress site is a simple matter using the WordPress Administrator dashboard. You can add new users to help with your content creation and curation. You can also easily manage your feedback and add other features to your site using the WordPress interface. During off peak periods you should also plan on making regular backups of your site using the BoldGrid Backup tool. This will to help give you peace of mind and provide an easy to restoring the site should if needed.

This is an oversimplified vision of using BoldGrid and WordPress to create and manage your website. However, using WordPress with the BoldGrid plugin provides you a simple and quick way to create a beautiful website that meets your needs. You don’t need to be a developer to easily add new content, create forms, and make up backups. WordPress provides the easy to use management and also proves the scalability to grow your site’s functionality. Together, BoldGrid and WordPress give you a timely solution for your website needs.


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