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One of the common tasks for managing content in WordPress is deleting pages. You will often delete pages which are no longer relevant or simply being replaced.  The main difference for deleting pages in a typical WordPress installation versus a BoldGrid installation is the use of Staging.  

When you are deleting files in a BoldGrid site you will need to make sure that you distinguish between the active and staging site.  The following directions will show you how to quickly and easily identify and delete the pages that you no longer need.

Make sure to check out our pages on page editing for more information on how you can customize individual pages.


How to Delete Pages in the WordPress Administrator


  1. 4243-log-inLog in to the BoldGrid Admin.
  2. In the menu at left, click on Pages.

  3. Find the page or pages that you want to delete. Make sure that you are selecting the correct BoldGrid development group. The column labeled “Development Group” is where you distinguish between active and staging pages.
    • 4243-check-pagesIf you are deleting multiple pages, click on the checkbox for each page.  
    • 4243-hover-trashIf you are deleting a single page, then hover over the title of the page
  4. 4243-bulk-action-single-fileIf you are deleting multiple pages in the WordPress interface, make sure that you have the correct pages marked for deletion, then click on the drop-down menu labeled Bulk Actions.  Select Move to Trash then click on the  Apply button. If you are deleting a single page, click on Trash.  

At this point, the file or files that you have chosen to delete will immediately be placed in the trash.  You can still recover the files in the trash unless the files have been cleared.



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