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A WordPress Block is one of the sections that make up the content in the Post and Page Builder. Blocks can be chosen from within the Post and Page Builder’s interface, or you can use BoldGrid’s Block Library to create blocks that can be reused across pages and posts.

Note: The Post and Page Builder must be installed/activated to use the Block Library.

How to Access the Block Library

To access the Block Library:

  • In the Dashboard, navigate to Post and Page Builder → Block Library

How to Add a New Block to the Library

  • In the Dashboard, navigate to Post and Page BuilderAdd New Block
  • Add a title for your new block
  • Add your content
  • Be sure to Save Your Block to ensure it can be accessed from the library

How to Use a Block From the Library

  • In the Dashboard, navigate to Pages → Add New
  • Select Block Library from the Type dropdown
  • Find your saved block in the list
  • Drag the block into the page content or click Add to Page

Note: You can also use saved blocks in your post content.

Using the Block Library in BoldGrid can be a huge time saver! We have some great information on using the Post and Page Builder to create your Blocks and HTML Markup from scratch.




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