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Do you want to clone or copy a section of your WordPress website? BoldGrid’s Post and Page Builder plugin includes a tool that lets you clone a section with just a few clicks. This comes in handy when you’re creating a website and want to reuse sections that you like.

Cloning a Section

  • Edit the Page or Post you want to modify in your Dashboard
  • Roll your mouse over the section you want to clone. You will see several menus appear
  • The Blue menu will clone the entire column section to the right
  • The Yellow menu will clone the whole row section below
  • The Orange menu will clone the single block below
  • Click the 3 lines to access the menu option then choose Clone. You will then see a second cloned section of your site appear




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6 thoughts on “How to Clone a Section of your Site

  1. Is it possible to duplicate whole pages? I want to set up 4 identical pages for our 4 festivals, but then edit the information in the pages to be specific to each festival. I don’t want to have to go through designing the whole page again 4 times when I already have it as I want it!

    • Hi Clair!

      The best way to duplicate an entire page is to “edit” the page using BoldGrid Post and Page Builder, switch to the “Text” editor and copy all the code you see there, then hover over “Post and Page Builder in the right-hand sidebar and select “Add New Block”. Once again switch to the “Text” editor and “paste” your code in to the Block Editor. After saving your content it will appear inside of your Block Library as a saved template, which you can re-use in your Post and Page content.

      I hope this helps!

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