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The BoldGrid Post and Page Builder works with minimal configuration with 3rd Party WordPress Themes. Since color is controlled by your theme in most cases, the Post and Page Builder allows you to set your own color palette used by your content, making it easily accessible for any element in your post or page content. The following guide will walk you through setting a color palette up when using a 3rd Party Theme.

  • In the Dashboard, navigate to Pages or Posts View All
  • Edit a Page or Post
  • Click the Globe in the drop tab
  • In the Global Options drop down menu, select Color Palette
  • Set your Palette Colors
  • Click Publish or Update to save your changes

This will allow you to set a Palette that will be labeled Theme Colors from within the tool. You will also have the option of adding additional custom colors outside of the Palette as well, allowing you to customize and quickly select any colors of your choice.




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