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This article is a comprehensive guide to the Post and Page Builder, a free WordPress Page Builder plugin. We will discuss the additional customization options BoldGrid adds to the Editor.


The Post and Page Builder by BoldGrid was built to use a grid system called Bootstrap. The order of this system is explained below.

  • A Section is the largest container and can contain one or more rows
  • A Row is the next largest container and can contain one or more columns
  • Each Column can contain an element or be empty
  • Examples of Elements are text, images, and buttons

BoldGrid makes it easy to use this grid system by adding extra controls that appear on hover, called Popovers.

  • The Black is for a section
  • The Yellow is for a row
  • Directional Arrows change the row height
  • The Blue is for a column
  • The Orange is for a specific element that exists within a column


The DropTab is the black bar above the Visual Editor. The available options in the DropTab will change based on where your cursor is. Below is a short explanation of each icon.

  • The + sign is Add Block Component
    • Layout and Formatting
      • Block opens the Add Block screen
      • Layout opens starter Grid Layouts
      • Section adds to the top of the screen
    • Design
      • Blockquote adds a stylized text section
      • Button opens the Button Design Popup
      • Divider opens the Horizontal Line Popup
      • Icon opens the Change Icon Popup
      • List creates an unordered list
      • Content and Section Sliders are Premium elements
    • Media – Click the + sign to add the element to the top of the page. Click the Four-way Arrow to drag and drop the element into place.
      • Audio opens Create Audio Playlist Popup
      • Embed opens the Insert from URL Popup
      • Gallery opens the Create Gallery Popup
      • Image opens the Add Media Popup
      • Map opens the Google Map Popup
      • Video opens the Create Video Playlist Popup
  • Widgets – Click the + sign to add the element to the top of the page. Click the Four-way Arrow to drag and drop the element into place.
    • The standard WordPress widgets, including Post List, Single Post, Recent Comments, and Categories are now available from the Editor
    • Additional plugins will add new widgets, such as WPForms and WooCommerce
  • The Globe is Global Options. The options you see here will depend on your theme
    • Delete Post Content deletes everything on the page
  • The Color Palettes are used to create new Blocks and in design popups to keep your design consistent
    • The palette can be updated at any time and the page content will update to the new palette
    • Note: If you have a BoldGrid theme the Color Palette is set in the Customizer
  • The Question Mark is Help

Other Elements

  • The Image is Background. Each option (Section, Row, Column) opens the Background Popup
  • The Layout opens the Column Shape Popup
  • The T opens the Text Setting Popup
  • The Gear opens a design popup based on the element clicked
  • The Camera opens the Media Library
  • The Magic Wand opens the Image Filters Popup
  • The Line opens the Horizontal Line Popup
  • The Pencil opens the Google Map Popup




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    • Hello Aquilla,
      You can insert a single post onto a page using the Single Post Widget block component. To find it, click the Add Block Component “+” plus sign, then scroll down to the “Single Post” option. Here’s a screenshot to help:
      Single Post Widget Block Component

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