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    Ernest Oh

    I logged onto wordpress today and have tried creating a page. Normally, all I need to do is go onto a new page and click “add block” where I an then select pre-made blocks from my block library to enter into the page. 

    However at the moment, when I click “add block” nothing happens. It simply doesn’t work. Also the general “drag and drop” function of the boldgrid editor is not working. I have double checked that I am indeed using the “post and page editor”. 

    Something is definitely not right. 


    Hello and thanks for contacting us. Have you applied the WordPress 5.0.1 security update? Also, have you tried adding a block from Pages, Blog Posts, and All Pages under Post and Page Builder ?


    Jacqueems – NOTHING from above mentioned is working!

    I believe this problem start with all these new updates of BoldGrid (Inspiration) – which by the way can not be updated. When you press UPDATE it says it is updated to new 164 version, but THEN it says upgrade to 164 and view 160 version. LOL. 

    And endlessly it is happening same process.

    However – “Add Block” button is NOT working at all. You can literally RAPE the button – nothing gonna happen!


    Another user reported a similar issue and it turned out to be a conflict with another plugin. This is often a hidden cause of many issues. The only way to know for sure is to systematically test each plugin. Common culprits are security plugins and other page-builder plugins.


    i don’t think so!

    because since last time I have not install any new plugin.

    Also, keep in mind,that I do downgrade WordPress plugin from Newest version to 4 and something, but the problem with the button it is stil there.


    As we can not duplicate the issue here, can you please provide us temporary access as admins to your installation?  Not all WordPress installations are the same, so we need to see what’s different about yours so that we identify the source of the issue.  If you can please provide us access, then we can investigate the issue in more depth.


    Hello, how can I give you temporary access? Which info do you need, exactly?

    And very logical question – How save I am after that?

    And where and to whom to provide access? Here, publicly?!

    i am not sure, you got me – I said – WordPress is NOT the issue as “Add Block” button does not work either with newest version of WP as well with previous.

    May I sent screenshots of the problem or even i can make video presentation in less than one minute so you can become more familiar about this issue?


    All posts placed here are not public until published.  We would remove that information before publishing. If you want to submit a ticket directly to support, you can do that through a BoldGrid Central account. You can also submit a question and select PRIVATE and it will not be published. You can also send screenshots, to help explain.  


    You said that WordPress is not the issue but we are unable to duplicate the problem on any test site that we have locally, so this is the reason we would want to access your WordPress site.  You simply have to create a new user and give it admin level access. We would not change anything without your permission.  Any change would be primarily for diagnostic use only.  You should make a complete backup in case anything happens.  We would do the same if we were to look at possible changes.  


    So, once you are inside, just go on EDIT PAGE and then you will see the orange button ADD BLOCK

    No matter how much you press on it – it is not responding again (as before).

    It stopped working out of nowhere 🙁

    Please do not make mess/any changes when it comes to the content of the web-site.

    Thanks in advance!


    We recommend you use only 1 SEO plugin – Yoast or the pre-installed BoldGrid Easy SEO. You should be able to remove either without disrupting your website. The issue is reportedly related to the 5.0.2 WordPress update. We apologize for any inconvenience.



    Thanks for the advise, but SEO is not the cause of non-functioning of “ADD BLOCK” button, isn`t it?

    Because since before I had both SEOs.

    You are saying that issue is in 5.0.2 WordPress update, but as you have noticed – I downgrade WordPress and using older version – but the problem with the “ADD BLOCK” button still exists 🙁

    So, what is the solution now?

    Who and what should be done in order that “ADD BLOCK” button to work as before?

    I mean…that is very important button, I need it in order to edit my web-site. Now I am stuck and can not do anything. Good thing I am not in such hurry, but soon i will need that button.

    As I have told you, I havent install new plugins, I only did update of the existing BoldGrid things and WordPress – then Ive realized ADD BLOCK is not working anymore.

    I am trying to give you as much as possible exact/correct feedback, so you might easier locate the reason for this problem.

    I am not sure in this, but i think that BEFORE, when ADD BLOCK button was working, on the upper right corner, just under the “Makedonijawood” (my picture) there were NO these things:


    Could you tell if they are part of some new update? If YES – that means – that update bring this problem.

    I don`t know if you get me what I mean. But i believe, once they appeared there – ADD BLOCK button stopped working.

    With other words – I am not sure in what i am saying, just it is my suspect.


    Hello again Makedonijawood,

    Apologies for the ongoing issue.  We appreciate you providing access to the admin so that we could take a look.  If you have updated your plugins at all, be aware that those updates were made for the newest versions of WordPress. When we were looking at your installation, we also noticed that you have Elementor loaded – this is another theme builder/editor.  It could also be causing the conflict (along with the other SEO plugin).  We recommend that you remove the editor and then try it once again.  You can simply deactivate the plugin, but the theme/editor might have to be removed completely.

    We work closely with WordPress, and test our plugins to make sure of its compatibility. Third party plugins are supposed to be abiding by their rules as well, but there is always a possibility of conflicts, especially with the new releases.  Going back to older versions doesn’t help because we make changes to the plugins to meet the needs of the newer WordPress versions. I have not made any changes to your installation and we simply did just look at what was loaded in order to see what could possibly causing the conflicts.  Please try our recommendations and let us know if it helps.

    Regards and happy holidays,

    Arnel C.


    Hello, Arnel

    First of all – Mary Christmas! Let Santa Claus bring you huge bag with HEALTH, love, joy, happiness and money.

    I did remove Yoast and problem was resolved. 

    Huge thanks a lot to you and to the rest of the BoldGrid team members!

    God bless you.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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