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    Hi! We just loaded the Pavilion theme and the call to action text and button that are shown in the preview are missing. When I go to add a “call to action” widget as some posts have suggested, is isn’t there in my list of widget options. 

    How can we add that? We want our page to look like the preview, with a nice background photo, some text and a learn more button, all above the main menu. Thank you!


    Hello and thanks for contacting us. Can you provide more info on what exactly you’re looking for within BoldGrid? There are multiple ways to create a call-to-action button / link between coding and plugins.

    Phyllis Austin

    It just magically disappeared from my site too!  However, I did somewhat of a bypass.   I created another page.  Blank page with no blocks.  I changed the background  by clicking on the bottom section dark gray/black button (NOT THE BLUE BUTTON).  

    Next, I added my image in the orange box.  

    Click on text and copy the code.   Paste the code at the top of my homepage text.      Hope this helps.   If you need more info just text at 678-216-7266

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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