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    Sarah Wayland

    I followed the instructions to create a three-column footer (this is a screen shot of how I set it up) and looked through the forum when I couldn’t get it to work.

    But when I went to right, center, left each column, I cannot get that part of the layout options to show up. It only shows me the widget choice that takes me to the sidebar.

    So how do I get that layout choice to show?

    I hope I’m not asking some silly question.

    Thank you, Sarah

    Joseph W

    Hi Sarah!

    The joystick alignment controls found the Header and Footer layouts currently only work on Branding and Menu elements, they are not enabled for Widgets and we apologize for any confusion this has caused you!

    The advantage of using a WordPress theme, like Crio, to design your website is that there is a massive library of 3rd party plugins available that make it easy to add almost any functionality you can think of to your website. Many of those plugins include their own custom widgets along with controls to style or manage them, and in the interest of compatibility we opted to exclude the alignment option for Widgets in the layout controls.

    One solution to get your widget content aligned as needed is to install a Visual Editor widget plugin and my personal favorite is the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget. Once that plugin installed you will see a Visual Editor widget added to the list of available options for your widget areas. The Visual Editor widget has text alignment controls just like the WordPress visual editor and will let you left, center, or right align your widget text content.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions for us Sarah!

    Sarah Wayland

    Thank you!

    Perfect solution. I loaded the Black Studio TinyMCE Widget and used the text alignment. Moved the Titles down into the text area and voila!

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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