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    David A Mulholland

    Hi Guys, I am trying to install a contact form via either html or iframe but 2 problems. The seamless version keeps jumping when you click on it on live site and the iframe version completely wipes everything below it on the page? So I have had to restore an older version of the page. Why is this happening?

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    Hi David,

    Our team is happy to assist you in getting your contact form working correctly and we just need a little more information so we can begin troubleshooting the problem.

    Which plugin are you using to create and manage your contact forms?  It could be that there is some kind of conflict, possibly PHP or JS, that is creating the issue and we will have a better idea if this is the cause once we know what plugin you are using.

    I also ask that you provide us with any and all steps necessary to replicate the problem so we can completely test the process in our environments to determine the best way to get these contact forms configured.

    Thank you for your patience throughout the troubleshooting process and I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

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    David A Mulholland

    Here are 2 versions one is seamless and the other an iframe. Your system wouldn’t let me paste these for some reason

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    David A Mulholland

    Hi Guys, can you please get back re this?

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    Jesse Owens

    Hello David,

    Thanks for writing back with that screenshot. I deleted it from your response because the code inside of it would have allowed any visitor to this public forum to post your form on their website.

    I tried testing out Cognito Forms to see if I could replicate the issue, but I wasn’t able to get the same behavior you’re seeing. It’s also worth mentioning that Cognito Forms hasn’t been tested with the last 3 major WordPress releases, so the plugin itself may have issues operating correctly, or the developers of that plugin may have abandoned it.

    The screenshot you provided of your code didn’t include the end of the iframe line, and it’s possible that a missing </iframe> closing tag might cause the behavior you’re describing, so do be sure that you have one there. 

    Can you link to the page on your site that’s experiencing the issue? We might be able to get more information about the issue from inspecting it. In addition, Cognito Forms has a Support Center where you might be able to get more specialized assistance with that software.

    I hope this helps!

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