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    How do I get to the html text to edit the meta data?  The only text I can get to starts with the div class.

    Adding my google verification code in my html.public folder didn’t work.  And I can’t see any reason why I can’t get to my own header code?!

    Also, I enter keywords for BoldGrid SEO but they disappear as soon as I click on update or save.

    Also, BoldGrid SEO tells me there are too many H1 tags.  But when I look at the text and search on H1 tags, there is only one.  So the other must be in the header I can’t get to?

    Please help…..  What am I doing wrong?


    Hello tblount,

    Thank you for your questions on adding meta data for Google verification, your SEO data save and the H1 tag issue. I am happy to answer those for your.

    When editing WordPress pages and posts, you are not able to edit the HTML header or footer area code by default. The content for those start in the Body portion of the generated HTML. To add a Google meta tag for validation, you would need a plugin to do the work for you. You can do a search on the Add New area of your plugin section and search for the term ‘Insert Headers and Footers’. There are different ones to choose from that will allow you to enter things into the header area of your site.

    With the SEO data saving, I have tested and cannot duplicate that issue. All my data changes are saving normally. Have you tested different BoldGrid themes? If it still occurs on different themes, check and see which other plugins you have installed. Disable the non-Boldgrid plugins and see if it works. If it does, re-enable the plugins one at a time and test the save portion. Once you enable a specific plugin and the test fails, that last plugin will be the one that is causing the issue.

    With the H1 tag issue, you will want to start your headers on your page with the H2 tag. The title itself will use the H1 tag, and that does not show in the editable portion of the page or post editor. This will solve the error suggestion in the SEO plugin.

    Kindest Regards,

    Scott M


    Thanks Scott!  I finally got the verification code to work in the html.public folder.

    But I will look for that plug in for future use.

    The SEO data saving problem was with the theme.  I changed themes and it works now.  BTW, it was the Monument theme.

    Thanks for all your help!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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