Michael (anonymous)

I hate to bother but I need some assistance I have no idea what to do here but can someone please help me out when I log into the admin part of my site im landing on my old wordpress site I have no idea  why but I seem to have lost the boldgrid part of my site I dont know whats going on or what to do to fix it someone please look at my site and see why you think its landing in wordpress instead of boldgrid were it was landing the site is http://kingadasouth.com/wp I would really appreciate someones help if they know whats going on and how to fix this Im a one person team and have to many irons in the fire as it is not to mention this is only my second website its all kinda over whelming or it was when it was working fine now  well I dont know what this word for it is now . But I would certainly appreciate any help or assistance I can recieve from yall . Thanks so much . michael