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    Hi Boldgrid,
    I’m writing to you to ask for advice on configuring Avada with W3 Total Cache. On GTMetrix at the beginning the score was F 7%, while after following your guide I got more or less 18-20%.
    I have the same problem with another site too, always with Avada templates.
    Could you tell me what I can do to improve performance?
    Thanks for the help,

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Martina-

    The biggest thing I can see taking a look at your site is that you may have your minification set to Minify Only and not Combine & Minify. Changing this setting should help quite a bit by reducing the number of lookups your site is performing.

    Another thing I noticed is that your site gets much better scores depending on the geographic location of the test. Using GTMetrix, if I set it to use a testing server in Europe instead of North America, the scores go up about 10 additional percent. Because of that, you might want to consider getting a CDN to improve global scores.

    Getting down further into the technical side, keep in mind that Avada uses quite a lot of JavaScript and other assets depending on what types of content you’re including on the site. For instance, I found 6 different font (.woff) assets, and an overall page size of 3.38MB which is pretty large. Consider optimizing your images and content for a smaller overall page size.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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