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    With Total Upkeep, when I “View details” for completed full backups, “Backup Browser” on the details page shows “Empty directory” for “Files & Folders” and “Database” for all backups.

    Using “Compressor” set to ZipArchive or SystemZip, does not change failure of the Backup Browser to list the contents of the backups.

    The downloaded archive does contain the files and the database.
    There are no errors in the backup log files.

    What must I do to get the “Backup Browse” to work?

    Environment Details:
    WordPress v5.7.1
    Web server Apache
    PHP version 7.4.15 (Not FastCGI)
    Total Upkeep v1.14.12
    Total Upkeep Premium v1.5.8
    Execution functions available popen, proc_open, exec, shell_exec, passthru, system

    The following are the last lines from the last backup log file:

    [2021-04-24 20:15:49 UTC] Starting to analyze filelist...
    [2021-04-24 20:15:49 UTC] Memory usage - limit / current / peak memory usage: 1073741824 / 72874336 (69.50 MB) / 79304184 (76 MB)
    [2021-04-24 20:15:50 UTC] Finished analyzing filelist!
    [2021-04-24 20:15:50 UTC] Memory usage - limit / current / peak memory usage: 1073741824 / 73927224 (70.50 MB) / 79304184 (76 MB)
    [2021-04-24 20:15:57 UTC] Total files / size archived: 19985 / 6076665377 (5.66 GB)
    [2021-04-24 20:15:58 UTC] Starting to close the zip file.
    [2021-04-24 20:15:58 UTC] Memory usage - limit / current / peak memory usage: 1073741824 / 74365120 (70.92 MB) / 79304184 (76 MB)

    Should there be a log entry for when the zip file is successfully closed?


    Jesse Owens

    Hi Visuals-

    Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for using Total Upkeep Premium for your WordPress backups. I’m sorry to hear about the empty backups you’re seeing in the browser.

    You’re right- in a successful backup the last few lines should include a message that the zip file was successfully closed.

    The most common reason that the backup log simply ends mid-process like that is that the backup process might have been terminated by your hosting provider for using too much of the server’s resources. Your site is fairly large (5.66 GB), so this could definitely be the issue.

    One thing to do as an experiment is to run a “sanity check” backup, just to make sure everything is working. Here’s a quick video showing you how to do this:

    If a small “sanity check” works, you might want to consider excluding your largest files from your regular backups, for example by excluding the wp-content/uploads folder. Here’s some more information about how to troubleshoot backups not completing.


    Greetings Jesse,

    The “sanity check” tip helped.
    Reducing the size of the backup, by excluding wp-content/updraft (which was 3 GB’s), allowed Total Upkeep to “Finished closing the zip file” and “Backup complete!”
    I only used Updraft Plus after I noticed issues with Total Upkeep. I realize now, the initial issue may have been caused by using FastCGI on

    Is it possible for Total Upkeep to not display “Total Upkeep – Backup complete” if it does not get a confirmation of closing the zip file, or the backup completed without any errors?

    Thanks so much for your assistance.

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Visuals-

    Good catch! You should definitely avoid backing-up backups from Updraft, large files and especially files that have already been compressed can use a lot of server resources.

    We’re working on a few big improvements coming down the line to optimize Total Upkeep for better performance and experience, including some features to automatically detect large files, reduce resource usage, and improve the way it handles and notifies you about errors during the process.

    These improvements are a pretty major change under the hood for the plugin, so we don’t have a precise timeline for when they’ll be production-ready yet, but look forward to Total Upkeep 2.0.

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