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    The problem seems to be the last line:

    [2021-07-09 18:34:55 UTC] Cannot close ZIP archive file “/home/[redacted]/boldgrid_backup/boldgrid-backup-[redcated]”.


    Full log here:

    [2021-07-09 18:31:30 UTC] PHP Version: 7.2.34
    [2021-07-09 18:31:30 UTC] WordPress Version: 5.7.2
    [2021-07-09 18:31:30 UTC] Total Upkeep version: 1.14.12
    [2021-07-09 18:31:30 UTC] Backup process initialized.
    [2021-07-09 18:31:31 UTC] ——————————————————————————–
    [2021-07-09 18:31:31 UTC] Starting dump of database…
    [2021-07-09 18:31:48 UTC] Starting archiving of files. Chosen compressor: php_zip
    [2021-07-09 18:31:48 UTC] Memory usage – limit / current / peak memory usage: 1073741824 / 74210984 (70.77 MB) / 75384480 (72 MB)
    [2021-07-09 18:31:49 UTC] Total files / size archived: 11042 / 413606754 (394.45 MB)
    [2021-07-09 18:31:49 UTC] Starting to close the zip file.
    [2021-07-09 18:34:55 UTC] Last error: Array
    [type] => 2
    [message] => ZipArchive::close(): Read error: No such file or directory
    [file] => /home/adamch7/public_html/wp-content/plugins/boldgrid-backup/admin/compressor/class-boldgrid-backup-admin-compressor-php-zip.php
    [line] => 266
    [2021-07-09 18:34:55 UTC] Cannot close ZIP archive file “/home/[redacted]/boldgrid_backup/boldgrid-backup-[redacted]”.

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Adam-

    Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for using the Total Upkeep WordPress backup plugin.

    You’re right that the failure is that last line, Cannot close ZIP archive file. However, the root cause of that is the previous error mentioned, ZipArchive::close(): Read error: No such file or directory.

    This means that some file on your website was present when the backup started, but gone at the time that the archive tried to close. The most common cause of this that we see is a caching plugin, like W3 Total Cache, may have regenerated the page cache during the backup process.

    I checked out your site, but since it’s in maintenance mode right now I can’t tell if you are in fact using a caching plugin, but if you are then you should make sure you exclude the cache directory from your backups. Typically, this is in the directory wp-content/cache. Check here to see instructions on how to exclude folders from your backup.

    Another thing you can try is to switch from the php_zip compressor to System Zip, which tends to be much faster. Check here for instructions on switching to System Zip.


    Actually, I think the issue was that I was editing something while the backup was in progress. It’s working now. Thanks for the quick response Jesse!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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