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    When I am editing a page, and select “add a block” – the page loads but all the blocks are just outlines. I cannot see what any of the blocks look like.

    Brandon C

    Hi Kez,

    Thanks for reaching out with your BoldGrid Post and Page Builder questions!

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues viewing previews in the “Add Block” section of your PPB editor. The previews are generated dynamically from our servers. It is possible that connectivity issues occurred on our end for a short time but I have tested Block Previews in a testing environment and all seems to be working well. You would have issues previewing them if you were having problems with your own connecting as well.

    Let’s get more details on the problem so that we can further troubleshoot:

    1.) Did you notice this issue after updating your Post and Page Builder, WordPress Core version etc…?

    2.) Have you added any new plugins to your website recently?

    3.) Are you getting an error message of any sort when attempting to access your block library?

    One thing you can do is enable WP_DEBUG-ing to see if any errors reveal themselves. If you notice any error messages be sure to copy/paste them here into the thread so that we can have a look at them.

    I hope this helps Kez! Please let us know if you have further questions for us.


    Hey Brandon,

    The blocks haven’t been loading for quite a while so can’t answer you questions 1 & 2 with exact timing that this issue started. I have added a new plugin, but think the issue was there prior.

    There is no error message that I have seen; and the error messages from enabling the WP_Debugging are:

    Warning: Undefined array key “name” in /home/dh_54hu6h/ on line 183

    Warning: Undefined array key “name” in /home/dh_54hu6h/ on line 186

    The blocks are still not loading, have just rechecked.

    Cheers Kez.

    Brandon C

    Thanks a lot for sending over your error message Kez,

    Based on your message it looks like this could be a legitimate bug. We just need a bit more information from you so that we can replicate it properly and work on getting out a patch for the error.

    Can you let us know your current WordPress version, PHP version and the version of Post and Page Builder/PPB Premium that you’re running?

    Lastly, if you wouldn’t mind visiting the “All Plugins” section of your WordPress dashboard, select “Active Plugins” and copy/paste your list of active plugins here in the thread.

    Thanks for working with us through this Kez. We look forward to hearing back from you!


    I did reply to your message sent on 6 September. I wonder why my reply isn’t appearing in this string? The blocks still are not loading.

    Andy V

    Hi Kez

    We took a look at the information you provided and we tried to replicate the issue with a site using the same versions of PHP, WordPress and the Post and Page Builder plugin and were not seeing the same issue.

    It seems that there may be something deeper going on. What you might try is seeing if you can update the plugin as the new version 1.25.0 was released recently. If that doesn’t help, our team would be happy to take a look and investigate further. If you haven’t already, please go ahead and reach out and start a ticket to our Premium Support team.

    We look forward to hearing back from you!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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