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    I have both Boldgrid and Blog Designer plugin installed.  The Blog Designer Settings menu shows up but that’s all.  The blog design doesn’t change.

    Are these conflicting somehow?

    Here is what my menu looks like:

    Here is what Blog Designer documentation says it should look like:

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Hello rd,

    Thanks for your questions regarding the use of the Blog Designer plugin with BoldGrid. We’re always interested to know how BoldGrid interacts with other plugins. There is always the possibility that any number of WordPress plugins may act differently or in conflict with each other when active in the same installation.

    However, from the screenshots provided I do not see a direct conflict.

    I installed the Blog Designer free version in my BoldGrid test site. I saw the same options in my installation as you provided in the screenshot. Then I deactivated all the BoldGrid plugins. The same options remained.

    I was able to click on the Blog Designer settings, and I could see what appeared to be an expanded version of the boilerplate WordPress blog settings. It’s possible the extra options you see on the developer’s page are part of the paid version. That is speculation on my part, but seems likely.

    The unanswered question in this case might be what benefit there is for you as the user in using two plugins toward the same goal. Even if the designer plugin had the full options available, you would be using a blog design tool inside of a fully-functioning website builder.

    If you are hoping to set up a dedicated blog within BoldGrid then you can certainly do it within your current theme. We have a full guide on adding blog posts to BoldGrid.


    Christopher M.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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