Akira C (anonymous)

Hi there … I got BoldGrid set up on an unaffiliated host VPS .. Everything seems to be working fine, the Inspirations plugin is working just fine .. the customizer works fine..

However, when going to edit pages .. it seems that the BoldGrid editor simply does not load. There are no drag handles, there is no button at the top for the GridBlocks etc.

The plugin is indeed loaded and activated in WordPress. The SEO plugin even appears at the bottom of the page editor, however rest of the page in the Visual mode looks like standard WordPress..no added BoldGrid functionality..

Gave this a try: https://www.boldgrid.com/support/question/boldgrid-editor-is-no-longer-showing-in-wordpress-4-6/

No help..

WordPress version is 4.8.1  any insights would be greatly appreciated on how to get the plugin to load and work properly!