Austin Lambert (anonymous)

I’m unsure whether it is just the Haven theme or if the issue would extend to any Boldgrid Theme.

I launched my staging site, making it the active site, then removed the Staging plugin. I had noticed the issue before removing the plugin, but had hoped that would fix it. On my Blog page, all my posts are in full length. This also extends to the categories pages, all the posts when viewed under their individual categories page are full length.

In Reading Settings (I have reverted the Boldgrid menu changes to restore the default WordPress Admin Sidebar) I have the “For each article in a feed, show” Summary box checked. On the site not built with Boldgrid, this caused all my posts under the Blog and Categories pages to be short excerpts with a read more button at the bottom linking to the full post on it’s own page. With Boldgrid, that setting is ignored and displayed full length no matter what the option checked is.

I have tried switching the options back and forth several times, as well as refreshing all Permalinks in case invalid links were somehow influencing this.