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    Susan Krantz

    My website has not been published. I’m just beginning.My hosting company automatically installed BoldGrid after they installed WordPress.
    I then installed Divi and then nothing would work. Would having BoldGrid conflict with Divi?
    Do I need to make a choice between BoldGrid and Divi? I appreciate your help.

    Jesse Owens

    Hi Susan-

    Thanks for the great question, and thanks for choosing one of BoldGrid’s Platinum WordPress Hosting partners.

    Right now, we’re not aware of any conflicts with the Divi Theme, Divi Builder, and BoldGrid’s plugins, but it is possible. When you say, “nothing would work,” can you provide some more detail? Did you see an error message, or can you describe the behavior you saw?

    That being said, if you prefer using the Divi builder and theme, you may not need some of BoldGrid’s plugins. For example, you can still use Total Upkeep for backups and BoldGrid Easy SEO, but you won’t need to use the Post and Page Builder or BoldGrid Inspirations.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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