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    Giada Volpin


    I have a huge problem because the site has broken just after I used W3. I have deactivated all plugins, deleted W3 and even tried to get into the directory to delete residual file (all but .htaccess). However, nothing changed and the site is completely down.

    I did some research to find out that somebody resolved the issue by asking the hosting provider to deactivate the “Google PageSpeed” function. They said this is not the actual problem.

    The site now has an “under construction” image on but if you need I can make it visible. Please, help me.

    Marko Vasiljevic

    Hello Giada,

    I am sorry about the issue you are experiencing using W3 Total Cache.
    Try the following:
    3. Check .htaccess File (make a backup)
    W3TC will create many directives in the .htaccess file to control caching behavior. Each section will start and end with comments like “#BEGIN W3TC Page Cache core” and “#END W3TC Page Cache core”.
    Ensure that no residual entries are leftover in your .htaccess file after deleting the plugin.
    2. Delete wp-content files and folders
    – cache folder
    – w3tc-config folder
    – object-cache.php (if exists)
    – advanced-cache.php (if exists)
    – db.php (if exists)
    – upgrade folder
    – delete w3-total-cache folder in wp-content/plugins/ (if exists)
    3. Delete Cached Files from CDN (if using CDN)
    Besides deleting all the relevant files, if you use CDN then ensure to purge the cached content from your CDN. This is necessary when you enabled the minify option in W3TC settings. You should delete the minified and combined scripts and CSS files from your CDN server to avoid the site breaking on the browser.
    4. Make sure you are not using any other caching layer (server-side caching or any other plugin)
    I hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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